Najnovija britanska kraljevska destinacija

Move over Buckingham Palace, there's a new royal destination in town – a car park in Leicester, about 100 miles north of London.
A small rectangle of tarmac in the centre of a former manufacturing city might not fit in with the normal template of regal attractions. But since early February, when Leicester University researchers announced that they had found the skeleton of King Richard III during an archaeological dig, Leicester has been besieged with visitors hoping to get a glimpse of the royal bones.
Foto: University of Leicester

Rečnik :

  •  Move over -  premestiti se sa jedna lokacije na drugu
  •  Car park - parkiralište 
  •  Tarmac - asfalt
  •  Regal - nešto što pripada ili priliči kralju ( Royal )
  •  Announced - najavili
  •  During - tokom
  •  Besieged - pod opsadom

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