Piazza San Marco in Venice

Since ancient times, when Greek and Roman architects designed the agora and the forum as places where citizens could gather for public meetings, the main square has been seen as the heart of a city. For centuries, Venice's Piazza San Marco has witnessed state ceremonies, processions and carnivals. Napoleon referred to this place as the 'finest drawing room in all Europe.' Surrounded by collonades and watched over by St Mark's Basilica, tourists today come from all over the world to saunter around and enjoy the strains of piano music drifting out of the pavement cafes.

Rečnik :

  • Ancient times - drevnih vremena 
  • Gather - okupiti
  • Square - trg
  • Witnessed - svedočili, prisustvovali
  • Surrounded - okružen
  • Collonades - serije kolona
  • Saunter - šetati, gegati
  • Pavement - trotoar, pločnik

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